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Spring Arise!

By Bettie Vance Steelman

Winter dies.

Spring arise!

Rain sweeps,

Grass creeps,

Between toes

Quickly grows.

Sun ashine

Joy divine!

Clouds afluff,

Warmth enough.

Gentle breeze,

Tulips tease.

Birds nest

Young abreast.

Tadpoles wiggle,

Children giggle.

Violets peep,

Frogs leap!

Bluebirds bright

Take flight.

Farmers sow,

Gardens grow.

Lovers kiss.

What bliss!

Love looms,

Brides and grooms.

Spring fades.

Summer invades.

Bettie Vance Steelman lives in Yadkinville and is a retired mail carrier. She wrote her first poem and also won the Forsyth County Spelling Bee in 1962. Her parents participated in the Piedmont Plus Senior Games, which inspired her to begin participating when she turned 50 and she has won numerous medals for her writing. This poem won fifth place in the Silver Arts competition and is included in the 2016 Silver Arts Literary Compilation.

Ode to Youth

By Susan Meny

I am sad for you, young one, that fads, creams and popular opinion
have made you fear my wrinkles and miss their point.

Their wisdom, brought only by the preciousness of time, is a gift I wish for you,
minus the need of filling your life with creams, fads and
the wish to appear younger than your wisdom dictates.

Life is quick.

Learn all you can in the short time you’ll be here.
Learn to love your wrinkles,
if you’re lucky enough to earn them.

And when someone suggests an anti-aging something or other,
let them know that YOU are not anti-aging.
Instead be anti-glorifying youth, for it is only one thing and
hardly everything, despite popular opinion.

Then you will have earned your stripes.
Wear them with pride for you are not one thing.

You are everything!

Susan B. Meny is the Vital Living Program Director of the Shepherd’s Center of Greater Winston-Salem.


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