What’s in a Name? Hospice & Palliative CareCenter Thinks a Lot!

Changing name to Trellis Supportive Care reflects distinctive characteristics, adds clarity

As the first hospice care provider in North Carolina, Hospice & Palliative CareCenter (HPCC), founded in 1979, is beloved and trusted by generations of families who have experienced their care firsthand. HPCC serves 13 Northwest North Carolina counties.

HPCC is changing its name to Trellis Supportive Care in a deliberate step toward embracing a new identity that reflects the organization’s distinctive characteristics and establishes a brand that patients and families can ask for by name.

“Selecting a provider when facing an advanced illness is not a common life event, and we understand that there are confusingly similar names which make selecting a hospice and palliative care provider challenging,” Linda Darden, president and CEO, said when recently announcing the organization’s name change.

“We believe this provides a unique and memorable name that accurately reflects the mission of our organization,” said Darden. Trellis was chosen to represent the framework of support we provide our patients and families. We also like the sense of tranquility and peace of mind the name evokes, since a trellis is typically a garden structure that supports and guides plants and vines as they find their way,” added Darden.

By adopting the Trellis Supportive Care name, the hope is that families throughout the region will be able to immediately recognize the organization, its longstanding reputation for superb care, and its array of expert services. The new name is being introduced to friends of the organization as well as the general public, and will be in official use later this summer or early fall.

“We understand that a great deal of education will be necessary to share our new name,” said Ann Gauthreaux, Director Public Relations. “With the growing number of organizations providing hospice care, and the increasing number of people who assumed they had enrolled with us – only to find out they were with a different hospice provider – we knew the time had come to establish more clarity with our identity,” added Gauthreaux.

“We’re all very excited about our new identity. It will support all of our service offerings – current and future – because it reflects our mission of caring,” said Darden.

Whether palliative care, hospice care, advance care planning, grief counseling, or any other support offered, the Trellis Supportive Care team is there for gentle guidance and support every step of the way.

For more information about their services, visit HospiceCareCenter.org or call 336-889-8446.


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