Weeping Rose

Writer's Corner by Lazarus Barnhill

By Lazarus Barnhill

I dreamed I saw you floating in petals, awash

in blossoms—fragrant, tender, damp with dew—

adrift in a river of flowers, by current tossed

and supplely bent, as on flowed succulent you.

And the tumbling and folding of each pale petal made sound,

a song like muted chimes that so softly rang—

a harmony of scent and tone wrapped ‘round

this slowly streaming garden that sweetly sang.

And I, transfixed with awe as you drifted by,
uncanny fell into the flow. Embraced

and buoyed by the undulating blossoms, I reached for you—

your musk the richest, the brightest flower your face.

Awakened by the dream to find still night,
your scent of weeping rose became my light.

Lazarus Barnhill is a Piedmont Triad author who is published in a variety of genres. His introduction to literature came through poetry as he was frequently disciplined by his junior high and high school teachers for writing satirical poems about them and his fellow students during class. An author of essays, non-fiction monographs and short stories, Barnhill is perhaps best known for his novels, all published by Indigo Sea Press of Winston-Salem. His upcoming book, “Pastor Larsen and the Church Rat,” a fable concerning a pastor who is seduced by an angel, will be released this spring.


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