The Sax Player

By Deborah Streeter

At the local

Jazz Spot…

Heard this man on the sax

It was intoxicating

I want to be that sax

Holding me

Blowing me

Just like that sax

Look how he finger them keys

Ever so sweetly

I want to be that sax

His lips firmly presses against
the mouthpiece

I want to be that sax

Melodies flowing out


I want to scream out those notes

Feel the intensity

Can I wet your reed?


Slapping the keys to the rhythm


I want to be that sax

At the Jazz Spot

Deborah Streeter, also known as Ms. Deborah, is a Poet and native New Yorker, currently living in Winston-Salem.  She has created a forum for inspiring poets to perform at her Open Mic/Poetry venues. She also aspires to one day own a Spoken Word/Poetry venue. She currently does Open Mic for special events. She may be reached at


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