Tagged: March 2016

Originally from Antiqua, Mr. Courtney Wynter’s musical story began with his first instrument – his Grandmother’s broom stick! Eventually he graduated to master level on seven different woodwind instruments: flute, piccolo, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, bassoon, soprano sax.

There is an energy and charm in Prague that does not exist in all Central European cities. In this city of curved streets and central squares, Art Nouveau buildings blend with the Gothic, Cubist, Medieval, and Modern giving us an architectural panorama that constantly captures our attention.

There’s a major change in your life that means you have lots of stuff you no longer need: The unfortunate loss of a loved one; downsizing into a retirement community or assisted living facility; combining two households into one. For whatever reason, in the end you have so many household items that you just don’t need, but don’t want to just give away.