Swimming Lessons

By Rosemary Freeman

Humor is like a credit card – never leave home without it.

I read that recently.

When the topic is swimming, I really need humor. At the age of 70, I have started swimming lessons at the local YWCA. Getting into that pool takes a lot of prayer, a good sense of humor, and most of all – courage!

Many years ago, I almost drowned in a neighbor’s swimming pool. The experience left me feeling fearful and reluctant to get back into the water. But here I am, attempting to swim after all these years! I am frightened, but determined to overcome my fear of the water.

My brother told me that only he and my other brother could swim. Being from a family of ten – two boys and the rest girls – I am the only girl in the family who has attempted to swim. I find this encouraging. Dad was a swimmer, but Mom never did. I suspect she was also afraid of the water.

My swimming instructor, Teresa, says that I am “very determined.” I stick to the side of the pool, kicking my legs, flailing my arms, all in an attempt to overcome my fear. Do I look silly doing this? Probably. Do I need a good sense of humor? You bet I do!

Recently while attempting to swim, Teresa said, “You are smiling!” Me, smiling? I must be making progress. That is definitely the answer to prayer (I pray each time before I head for the pool).

I am determined to make the most of my remaining years by staying active, including getting help with exercise through fitness training. That is, if I don’t drown first.

I may be 70 years old, but I do not have to sit down and give up. With the help of God, I shall be an overcomer – in the water and in other areas of my life.

And I have my eye on a very attractive guy who is single and also 70 years old. That is incentive enough to stay active … and smiling.

Rosemary Freeman is a widow who lives in High Point, a graduate of High Point College (now University), whose career was in the area of counseling and social work. She has one daughter and four “grand-dogs.”


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