Senior Softball Team Plays to Win

Senior Softball Team Plays to Win
Left: Nationals Gold Medal; Right: The 2015 Bombers

By Jose Vallecillo

If you take a ride by Lewisville’s Joanie Moser Memorial Park on any Thursday or Friday morning, you will see a bunch of young men playing softball. However, take a closer look and you will see these men are not exactly young, not even middle aged. These players, you see, are members of the Piedmont Senior Softball Club and they range in age from 75 to 88!

No doddering old men here. These men can run (some a little slower than others) and jump (some a little lower that others) with as much enthusiasm as they did back when they played on their high school varsity baseball team.

My name is José Vallecillo and I am the newly elected player/manager of the club. Allow me to tell you
our story.

The team was founded in 1997 as the Lewisville Oldies for seniors, 55 and older. We have aged a bit since then and now play in tournaments in the 75 plus category.

From the start, we have been consistent medalists at the North Carolina Senior Games and in 2013, won a gold medal at National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio where three of our members were honored as “all Americans.”

We play games throughout the state, from Hendersonville to Raleigh and points in between, but home games and practice sessions are held at Joanie Moser Memorial Park on Thursday and Friday mornings and the Numa & Emma Covington Memorial Park in Rural Hall on Monday evenings.

This year, we plan to send two teams to the North Carolina Senior Games, one team to play in the 75+ category and the other in the 80+ category. Winning a medal at the North Carolina games will qualify our boys for the 2017 National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama, where we will compete for another gold medal.

Joining our team is easy. Just meet two simple requirements: You must be able to hit the ball and manage to get to first base. Running the rest of the bases and playing the field is a plus, but not required. Men who do not know how to play the game at all may also join the team. We can use men who can run as a “courtesy runner” for those of us who are little slow of foot. No worries if you feel you are out of shape — we always develop our rookies slowly and carefully!

While we are working hard toward winning those gold and silver medals at the tournaments, the real goals are fun, camaraderie, and above all, fitness. During games and practices, each player is encouraged to put out as much effort as he is able, but no more than is healthy.

Joining is free. Well … almost free. Depending on our sponsors’ generosity, we may need to pass the hat around, but giving is never mandatory.

You can get in touch with us through our email address:, or by phone at 336-671-9779. Come join us!

José Vallecillo is the manager of the Piedmont Senior Softball Club. José was born in Puerto Rico, raised in New York City, served in the U. S. Air Force, and worked 40 years in the airline industry before coming to North Carolina. Prior to retirement, he was a computer programmer, project manager, and technical writer. After retirement, José worked for ten years with the Warthogs/Dash just to keep busy and has played with the senior softball team since 2001.


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