By Deborah Streeter

Partner dancing  … hmm.

I can remember going to a dance, of holding hands and embracing each other.

This style has been going on for centuries.

Yeah, the man leads and woman follows.

Couples did the two-step, the salsa, swing, ballroom, jitterbug, and the rock & roll groove, etc.

Now the pleasure of dancing in the arms
of a man is gone.

What has happened to our society?

I want to dance with somebody and not
with a bunch of women.

The dance craze is now populated by women.

They are on the dance floor doing the line dance, Cupid Shuffle and the good old Electric Slide.

The Electric Slide was formed to give ladies a chance to dance if they did not have a partner.

Now men are not available.

Men on the sideline holding up the wall, watching females get their boogie on.

There’s only so much line dancing women can do.

Can we please get the men back on the dance floor?

Deborah Streeter is a poet and native New Yorker, currently living in Winston-Salem.  She may be reached at deborahstreeter@.


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