More Reasons to Love Your AARP Card!

By Judie Holcomb-Pack

You turned 50 and got your AARP card, which you promptly put in a secret place in your wallet, flashing it only when you needed to get a discount at a hotel or restaurant.

Does this sound familiar? As the old song goes, “Is that all there is?” Not if you’re a member of the local AARP chapter in Winston-Salem.

At a recent meeting, over 25 seniors ranging from long-time residents to newcomers to town, retirees from the military, social services, education, manufacturing, financial services, and even one feisty 78 year old who was working toward a doctorate in theology, were in attendance. The atmosphere was electric as attendees greeted friends and engaged in conversation.

There are many reasons that this local AARP chapter draws so many members. Some seniors see it as an opportunity to stay active, others appreciate the diverse membership, and others enjoy the camaraderie among members and the interesting programs that are presented each month.

Members take part in projects, such as collecting school supplies for Kimberly Park Elementary School, volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank, making donations to the Salvation Army at Christmas, and participating in the Elder Abuse Walk. All members are encouraged to join one of several committees, such as education, community service, social, and legislative, which encourage members to get to know each other better while supporting the chapter.

Geneva Herbert, the 2018 chapter president, joined the chapter in 2008, shortly after retiring from Novant Health. She was first impressed with AARP’s dedicated commitment to advocate for the rights and protection of seniors. She even gifted membership to both of her daughters when they turned 50!

Being involved in the chapter has given Geneva the opportunity to meet and connect with people like her who are seeking to empower themselves and to improve their quality of life. It also allows her to give back by participating in community service projects.

Geneva said, “I was not seeking to become president; somehow the role sought me. I have embraced the role and am endeavoring to continue to grow the organization and programs that will inspire others to join.”

If you’re a senior looking to become more involved in our community, check out AARP! Dues are just $10/year, a bargain considering all the benefits it offers.

AARP meets the second Tuesday from noon to 2 p.m. at Senior Services, 2895 Shorefair Dr, W-S. Lunch is not provided, but attendees can bring a bag lunch to enjoy during the meeting. For more information,  visit


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