Readers Share Photos of their Pets

Elizabeth Bergstone Raises Chickens at her Home in Winston-Salem

She writes: The moment I saw the little old shed at the back of the yard I thought “Chickens!” So, of course, that was the house we bought. I probably could have spent less on converting the shed to a chicken coop, but I justified it to my husband by saying it was a “hobby.” For sure, it would be a lot cheaper to buy the eggs from the grocery store, but then I wouldn’t have the continual pleasure of watching their antics and trying to understand what they’re “saying.” Of course, fresh eggs every day are a blessing; there are few things that can compare to the pleasure of holding a newly-laid, warm egg in
your hand.

Steve Kiser and His Best Friend Caesar, Who is an Eight-Year-Old Boxer

Steve says: Caesar and I enjoy hitting golf balls together and Caesar often “advises” me on my swing.

Ozzie Wheaton and John Lauder and Their Dog, Axel

Ozzie writes: Axel was a shelter pup. We were not looking for a pet when we saw him, but his tender eyes and tilted head made it a match made in heaven. He is now two years old and has the perfect personality of a witty, intelligent love-child. He has this unique sense of knowing when someone has a cold or is not having the best day and comforting you. He is nurturing and super loving.

Toni Holiday with Chance and Tasha

Her story: Sir Chancelot aka Chance came into our family about a month after my cat Hunter had passed. He is a rescue from AARF. I adopted him when he was about one year old and I believe he is part Maine Coon. Chance was a stray kitten that came up to a lady’s house in Lewisville and she contacted AARF who took him in. They contacted me since they knew I wanted an Orange Tabby, but at the time I was still grieving the loss of Hunter. About ten days later, I get a text from AARF about a kitty they thought I should see. When I went in I recognized it from the e-mail I had received earlier. Given that he was introduced to me twice, I took it as a sign it was meant to be. I named him Chance because he was getting a second chance. Tasha Lynne is also a rescue kitty and is 16 years old. I adopted her from the Davie County Humane Society through a PetSmart Adoption Fair. I had gone to PetSmart to pick up cat food and there was a little black kitten sitting in a pen all by herself. Tasha is a quiet kitty and spends most of her time lying in the bay window enjoying the sunshine.

Bonnie Doerr and Salty

Bonnie writes: Salty is a playful, love-sponge rescue from the Forsyth Humane Society. It took over a year to find THE one. As soon as we left his kennel for a trial walk, he pooped outdoors. Good dog! His I’ll-go-wherever-you-go jaunty gait won me over. This sweet terrier/Maltese, allergy prone or not, had met his
forever mom.

Robin Hurdle and Her Fur Babies

Robin writes: These are my three fur babies. Piper is a 3-year-old German Shepherd, Asha is a 3-year-old Alaska Husky, and Sophie is a 7-year-old Papillon. The sunroom is our little corner of the house where we like to relax at the end of the day. Both my dogs and I enjoy traveling together so much so that my husband got me a SUV so I could bring all of them! They are so sensitive as to how I am feeling, whether I am sick or sad, which is nice on those days they don’t run around like wild dogs wanting to play, but lay quietly at my feet. Since our two sons have grown up and moved out of the house, my dogs are always around to hug, play with or go for a walk with me.


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