Planning a 50th high school reunion

By Diana Stoker-Beason

Being a senior in age only, it seems that the time passes by so quickly. 

The Parkland Class of 1967 has worked hard to keep our members in touch with each other, including through a Facebook page and planning annual picnics and Christmas parties, as well as reunions for the
”big” years.

Here’s how we do it:

The planning committee members communicate via email to decide when, where, and the time that an event, whether it’s a small summer picnic or a big class reunion, will be held. An email is then sent to each classmate to promote the event. Classmates can choose to respond by email, text, and/or by telephone to RSVP. There is a designated person to record the RSVPs, as well as to receive payment for the event. The venue is contacted to make final arrangements as to the head count from the RSVPs and to determine the menu, if the event it is catered.

Planning a high school reunion is not an easy task, but with teamwork, each event has been very successful. Being dedicated is the secret to any great event and each committee member must be a team player. We recognize that each member is unique and has ideas to share. The ideas are compiled and we move forward in the planning process.

With our 50th Class Reunion fast approaching, the committee members were contacted by the chairperson with the date, time, and place for the first planning meeting. At that meeting, items are discussed, such as when the reunion will be held and the venues, costs, entertainment, etc.

Another committee member and I have been busy going to the venues, hotels where out of town classmates will stay, speaking with the person who will provide entertainment, making the invitations, planning the decorations and theme. There is obviously a lot of details to be considered! By now, the venue, theme, entertainment, the menu, and decorations have been made for our 50th. It is so exciting and it is an honor to bring all that talent and creativity together.

The more classmates that attend, the merrier it is! We, as classmates, have a common bond that will never be broken. We have great fellowship at our gatherings and it seems that even though the years have passed by, when we get together we seem to pick up where we left off. We also miss our departed classmates and always recognize them at our class reunions.

During the planning process, the committee members have grown very close and seem like family. At each meeting we have prayer, dinner, and discuss what has been accomplished, what needs to be completed, and set our goals on what is needed to be done by the next scheduled meeting. We have shared so much laughter and so many memories together. We are looking forward to our upcoming 50th Class Reunion. Mustangs Moving Forward – Then & Now!

Diana Stoker-Beason has helped to plan many class events, including serving on the Planning Committee of the upcoming Parkland Class of 1967 50th Class Reunion and a proud Mustang!


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