No Remembrance

Writer's Corner by Lazarus Barnhill

By Lazarus Barnhill

At dark I saw the moon and thought of you:

her circle, full dripping ivory light, so possessed

the night that the brightest worlds wore timid

And when the rising tide, excited, my bareness caressed—

both pushing and pulling at once—again I thought of you. And when, among the limbs by
breeze made limber, the fleeting brush of musk

I caught,

I thought of you, and heard your whisper in
the leaves.

So, sound and sight and scent and touch,
you’re present,

in memories—clear and sweet—though not

in my embrace.
And no remembrance, despite how endearingly pleasant,

Can fill the longing it creates or take your place.

My moon, my ocean, musk and forest true,

Be here in my arms and cease this remembering 
of you.

Lazarus Barnhill is a Piedmont Triad author who is published in a variety of genres. His introduction to literature came through poetry as he was frequently disciplined by his junior high and high school teachers for writing satirical poems about them and his fellow students during class. An author of essays, non-fiction monographs and short stories, Barnhill is perhaps best known for his novels, all published by Indigo Sea Press of Winston-Salem. His upcoming book, “Pastor Larsen and the Church Rat,” a fable concerning a pastor who is seduced by an angel, will be released this spring.


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