New Group Offers Support to Adult Children Caring for Parents

By Frances Hall, Pam Prevatte and Janet Jones

Caregiving for an aging adult is a journey, and while the circumstances and relationships with our parents and loved ones are individual and unique, there are similarities among all our journeys.  Regardless of our education, career, or anything else, when it’s our mother or our father who needs care, we are plunged into a whole new world.  As the relationship with our parent changes, as with other rites of passage, we are changed.

There are infinite tasks of caregiving for aging parents, but most adult children don’t even recognize they are caregivers. They simply do what needs to be done.  Within our nation’s system of services and care for our elders, adult children are typically front-line caregivers, providing essential medical, emotional, and financial support. Given the complexity of situations adult child caregivers may encounter as they provide caregiving for their loved ones, what is frequently overlooked is the need for support for these essential caregivers. More and more, adult children are clear about their desire and need for information, resources, support and community.

ACAP Winston-Salem is the new chapter of ACAP community (Adult Children of Aging Parents), which is a nationally unique 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission of providing information, resources, support and community for adult children as they care for their aging parents and for themselves. Although programs are open to all, recognizing the relationship dynamics between parent and child and, therefore the uniqueness and impact of caregiving for an aging parent, ACAP community educational programs are designed to support adult children in their caregiving journey, as well as to support their taking care of themselves and preparing for their own aging.

Francis Hall helped to start the first ACAP community in Hickory and lives in Morganton. Pam Prevatte attends the Hickory ACAP and also serves on the steering committee of the Winston-Salem ACAP. Janet Jones is the co-chapter coordinator for the Winston-Salem ACAP.


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