By Ron Eldridge

Who knew? When they first met, a friendship for a lifetime was in the making. What makes this meeting unusual is the musical bond and energy that had never before been heard or experienced.

When Andera Brachfeld (www.anderabrachfeld.com) and Diana Tuffin (www.dianatuffin.com) first crossed each other’s paths, musical magic happened. I was an eyewitness to this new musical partnership and I knew that would become a super musical exclusive!

Here’s the story: There is the little blues club in Linden, N.J. named the Robins Nest. When Diana and I walked in, we heard this little lady playing the flute like I had never heard before. She was slightly bent backwards while lifting her leg in the air as if she was changing musical gears, taking her solo to a different height. The energy in the room was sizzling!

I was mesmerized and she instantly won me over as my favorite flutist. After Andera’s searing performance, Diana Tuffin stepped up to the mic with her scorching rendition of “Carvan.” Matching the intensity right off the bat, Diana swung that tune and had the whole place on their feet, yelling and clapping. It was a fiery back-to-to back music-to-vocal performance, and I knew this was something special!

It was at this moment Andera Brachfeld walked over to Diana and extended her magical flute to Diana as a Native Americans would extend a peace pipe as a major sign of respect. It was musical history is in the making!

Individually, both Andera and Diana have their own unique musical styles that when combined, becomes an earth-shattering musical experience.

Andera’s musical journey has taken her around the world, performing with many of the major Latin/Jazz A-listers who are laying the current day musical foundation.

Diana’s experience has more of a hometown appeal. There is no one who possesses the multi- lingual distinctive vocal expression such as Diana. She has performed up and down the East Coast, from New York to Atlanta, and west to Chicago, leaving her audiences clamoring for an encore. Her theatrical experience always adds an extra groove to her performances.

Now the Triad can hear and experience the musical dynamic duo of Andera Brachfeld and Diana Tuffin on September 24 during the “Fiesta 2016” at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts in downtown Winston-Salem. This Hispanic Festival offers live music, dancing, street vendors and ethnic food booths. If Latin Jazz moves you, then this is the place to be. Check out www.hispanicleague.org for a schedule of events.

The magical flute teaming up with the miraculous vocals, along with an A-list of musicians accompanying these ladies, is sure to be a musical moment to never to be forgotten!

Ron Big “E” Eldridge is a Winston-Salem resident, jazz lover, and aspiring freelance writer..


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