How do you want to be remembered?

More seniors are choosing cremation to honor loved ones

By John Roland

The funeral service and burial ritual that has long been accepted as traditional is changing. Americans are choosing cremation more frequently as a way to honor and memorialize their loved ones. The choice of cremation has been steadily increasing in the United States. It is projected that over half of burials will be by cremation by 2020. Cremation service is simple, requiring few decisions, and at a cost much less than traditional funeral services, freeing a family from excessive financial burdens.

It is always difficult to lose a loved one and planning a funeral service during a time of grief can be overwhelming. As owner and director of Twin City Cremations, families and loved ones come to us to provide support and guidance in honoring their loved one with a dignified and meaningful memorial service. Choosing cremation is a part of that decision.

Cremation service offers several options. An important one that continues the traditional funeral service is having an open or closed casket, followed by cremation and a memorial service, if desired. After the funeral service, families may choose to scatter the remains at a place that was meaningful to the deceased (permission must be obtained unless it is on personal property), place the urn in a gravesite or columbarium, or retain the urn, placed on a mantle or small table with a picture of the loved one.

Ashes can be scattered at sea from a boat, along with flower petals on the water, for a touching memorial service. Some people choose cremation jewelry that discreetly holds a very small amount of ashes of their loved one as a keepsake. Cremation services can help families choose the most respectful and expressive way to honor their loved one.

I feel strongly that God has called my staff and me to this service.  The loved ones we serve become a part of our “family” and our focus is on assisting them in creating the memorialization that provides them comfort and peace. Recently a client told us, “Our mother let us know she wanted to be cremated but not where. When she suddenly passed, we were in shock. You made the cremation process a dignified and respectful experience.”

Preplanning is a gift you give your family so that these decisions don’t have to be made during a time of extreme stress and grief. There are also cremation insurance policies that are very affordable with low monthly payments.

Choosing cremation is becoming increasingly popular, not only for the economic benefit, but also for the flexibility in memorialization of a loved one. But the most important thing is for families to be treated with dignity and respect during the entire process.

John Roland is the owner of Twin City Cremations that is located in a restored historic home on North Spruce Street. They offer a chapel for services, a family room for receiving visitors, and a private viewing room, allowing the family to be close by during the cremation process, if they choose. For more information or to schedule a tour of the facility, call 336-842-3635 or visit


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