The misunderstood Senior Games

By Sue Murray

Although I’ve been eligible for the past 15 years, I just participated in my first-ever Senior Games.  Somehow I couldn’t get my mind past a room full of white-haired people with thick spectacles. Man, was I wrong! My only regret is that I didn’t sign up sooner. I lost out because I didn’t want to consider myself a “senior.”

I’ve heard people say that it’s “easy” to win a medal at the Senior Games because the competition is so slim—all you have to do is outlive them. That is so wrong. There’s nothing easy about training, strengthening, and performing with a body that’s got plenty of mileage already on it.

The Senior Games gave me the opportunity to rekindle a love for some athletic endeavors that I thought were not possible any more. It was invigorating! And it’s keeping me healthy and strong while having fun.

The best part is that I’ve made some new friends not only here in Winston, but also from across the state as I participated in the finals. What more could I ask?

If I had one piece of advice to those who come behind me it would be: DON’T WAIT! Once you get past that awkward age (you know, when you’re too old to be carded but too young for a senior discount), get involved! There are enough sports and creative opportunities to suit everyone.

Besides, since 60 is the new 40, I still don’t have to admit I’m a senior. I can call myself “middle-aged!”

This being her first year, Sue Murray was thrilled to medal in track, cycling, and breaststroke at the state games. In addition to freelance writing, game development, and cat rescue, Sue is training to be the newest PPSG ambassador.

2017 Senior

Friday, January 13

10 a.m. – noon

Hanes Hosiery
Recreation Center

Come enjoy refreshments, meet some of the senior athletes, and learn about the various opportunities to participate, either in an athletic event or in the visual arts and literary arts competitions. For more information, contact Chuck Vestal at


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