Deborah Streeter Wins 2016 Scavenger Hunt

When Deborah Streeter picked up an issue of For Seniors Only at Harris Teeter, she immediately went to the Writer’s Corner, her favorite part of the magazine because she’s a poet and enjoys reading other writers’ work. Thumbing through the issue, she noticed the scavenger hunt and immediately recognized the memorial pillars at the Joel Coliseum. She also recognized the George Black statue from when she voted at the Government Center.

Locating every one of the landmarks, however, took a little more effort. She walked up and down Trade Street, noting the exact locations of each of the landmarks in the contest. But there was one that had her stumped.

Shopping in the Mast General Store, she mentioned to a sales person that she was trying to complete a scavenger hunt, but couldn’t find one of the landmarks. The salesperson told her where to look, and to “look up at the building,” and sure enough, there it was – the golden lady holding the spinning wheel! She sent in her entry and then anxiously waited, hoping that she had won.

Deborah’s entry was chosen from a slew of entries we received and she was presented a gift card from Camel City Barbecue. Congratulations, Deborah, on your sleuthing ability! 

Deborah says that she enjoys reading For Seniors Only every month, “from cover to cover.” She is a poet who participates in Open Mic Night at the Southside Public Library, as well as a designer of a line of original greeting cards that can be found at the Cricket’s Nest. She is looking forward to trying out Camel City Barbecue.


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