Fruit from the Musical Tree

By Ron Eldridge

Remember growing up and sneaking into the neighbor’s yard to raid their apple, cherry, or peach trees? Just for kicks, lets sneak into Blues Master Roy Roberts back yard and raid his musical  tree!

Roy Roberts musical tree has been bearing a sweet musical nectar for over 60 years. As a young sapling, one of Roy’s early exposures was with a group named Robert Ward and the Untouchables. Many would come to know this group as The Ohio Players. As any fruit tree, Roy was nurtured by some of the best in the business: Otis Redding, Little Stevie Wonder, Solomon Burke, Dee Clark, Eddie Floyd, William Bell, country great O.B. McClinton, and a plethora of other noted major artists.

Roy’s musical branches has international roots. If you were to travel to Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan or Canada, you’d find that Roy Roberts’ musical brand is well known. Here in the U.S.—whether North, South, East or West—at festivals and hot Blues and Jazz clubs, Roy Roberts will have the audiences dancing and wanting more of his sweet nectar Blues groove!

But the coolest part is that Roy Roberts’ musical roots is firmly planted here in the Triad and his musical accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Here is the skinny:

Piedmont Blues Society’s “Keeping the Blues Alive”

Living Blues Magazine’s “Keeping the Blues Alive”/Producer of the Year / Artist Most Deserving of Wider Recognition Award / Chick Willis’s “From the Heart and Soul” Album Producer Roy Roberts.

Carolina Beach Best Song of the Year for  “I Slipped.” Music Pioneer Award and induction into the Hall of Fame

Juf Blues Albert King’s Guitar Award

Franco Rubegni Award (for the spreading of soul music)

Interstate highway sign dedicated to Roy by his hometown, Livingston, Tenn.

And there are many other international musical accolades that Mr. Roberts has racked up.

Rock House Records is internationally known for its award-winning music production. The chunky rhythms, smooth vocals, stinging guitar licks, and the hot, playful MoFo Horns update the Rock House  sound. Under the guidance of Blues Master Roy Roberts, he has assisted many artists from their beginning to the next level of high entertainment performance.

Roy Roberts is in the process of scheduling his 2018 tour abroad. There is a new CD in the works for 2018. For you nostalgic Soul Blues aficionados, you can find out more at:

View the entire Rock House collection and their artists. My favorite is Roy Roberts Live “Jamming with My Friends” which includes me!

If you have a chance to catch one of the electrifying performances of Blues Master Roy Roberts, I’m sure you will find that his sweet Soul Blues music is like nectar from a musical fruit!

Visit to read more on Triad legend Roy Roberts.

Ron Big “E” Eldridge is a Winston-Salem resident and freelance writer who frequently pens a Music Corner column about the local jazz and music scene.


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