Five Benefits of Massage for Seniors

By Nike Roach

It is a blessing to live a long life, but just like everything else in life, it also comes with a price. Success cannot be had without sacrifice; a long life has to deal with its just compensation – the natural

Regular therapeutic massage has remarkable positive effects on older adults.

Not Just Any Massage.

A regular massage offers the body and the mind a lot of good and the seniors should avail of it more than anyone else. However, taking into consideration the natural effects of aging, it is not just any massage that should be administered on the older adults. An ordinary massage and a therapeutic massage for seniors are not one and the same.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Treating an older person on the massage table requires different techniques that a massage therapist would not usually consider when massaging his younger clients. For one, hard pressure on joints may prove risky. You want a client to feel relaxed and renewed after a massage, not feeling like he just got the uppercut without even knowing what hit him!

Gentle stroking and kneading of stiff muscles, accompanied by light stretches of the joints, are helpful.  For therapeutic massage to deliver best results, only the right amount of pressure should be applied on the tissues, muscles and joints; too light and it will not release tension; too hard, and it would only exacerbate pain.

Slowing Down as We Age

When the body slows down, often the mind slows down, too. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly ward off depression, have better coping mechanisms, and are not prone to suicidal tendencies. However, the aging process is normal and slowing down in strenuous physical activities, such as running or taking long hikes, is a given.  Therapeutic massage can help seniors keep fit in both mind and body.

Here are five benefits of massage for seniors:

  1. Promotes relaxation and better sleep
  2. Aids in the management of arthritic pain
  3. Minimizes mood swings or the onset of depression
  4. Improves the immune system 
  5. Slows down (and in some cases wards off) the onset of age-related diseases

Aging is not an excuse for anyone to forego a healthier and happier lifestyle. Healthy diet, a low-stress lifestyle, inner peace, and regular therapeutic massage are just some of the ingredients that help seniors as they age. Therapeutic massage, delivered by a seasoned therapist, ensures that the older adults need not spend their sunset years down and out, but up and about! Like fine wine, senior living can get better with age.

Nike Roach is the owner and a licensed massage therapist with 6th Sense Health and Wellness Center and specializes in sports massage, prenatal massage, acupressure, Thai massage, and is also a personal trainer. For more information, visit


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