Fancy That.

By Rosemary Freeman

My need, at this time, is a horse –
Not just any horse – A sturdy steed
Able to support a zealous cowboy
Willing to carry me away, far away.

Where am I heading?
Travel to the highlands perhaps.
I do believe the hills are luring me.
The spirit calls me through the trees.
My heart pounds with anticipation.

The excitement grows.
As we progress to the mountains,
My body quivers. I truly need this man,
His strength, support and vitality.
Where’s this splendid horse taking us?

My spirit soars.
We arrive at that vast mountain.
It’s almost surreal, beautiful!
Sweet peace enfolds me and I am comforted.
No words are spoken. I am silent.

I have come home!
The man and his steed?
He decides they will stay. Marvelous!
Fancy, the patient horse is now mine.
So is this charming man.

Fancy that …


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