Clemmons Cooking Club offers a Tasty Treat for the Taste Buds!

By Judie Holcomb-Pack

Carolyn Price, the branch manager of the Clemmons Public Library, thought that it was a shame that they had a wonderful selection of cookbooks that were seldom checked out. Then she read an article in the Library Journal about a group that prepared and shared recipes from cookbooks. She thought, “What a great idea.” But would it work in her library?

She created a flyer about the new Clemmons Cooking Club and invited patrons to choose a recipe from a cookbook that she selected and agree to prepare it to share at lunch. She made a copy of the recipe for the patron and put a tab on the page noting who had selected that recipe so that the same recipe wouldn’t be chosen by someone else. The first lunch was held in June 2015 and since then 12 – 20 people every month bring a dish and get together to eat and discuss new recipes.

Each month a theme and a cookbook is chosen. For September, the theme was “Mysteries” to go with the library’s On The Same Page program which featured a book by Margaret Maron. To add to the fun, Carolyn added a “mysterious ingredient” category and recipes could be found on the Mysterious Ingredient website. During the lunch, attendees were asked to sample the “mysterious” recipes and guess what the ingredient was. All the dishes and desserts were delicious and the secret ingredients ranged from cayenne pepper in chocolate cookies to sauerkraut in chocolate cake.

After lunch, everyone discussed their recipes, noting if they made any changes to the recipe, whether it was particularly difficult, what would they do differently, and would they prepare it again. There were a few new attendees, including a couple who moved to Clemmons about a year ago and thought the Cooking Club would be a good way to meet new people. Participants also mentioned that as singles, they don’t have many opportunities to cook, so they enjoy preparing a dish and sharing it with the group.

The next meeting is Wednesday, October 18, at 12:30 p.m. at the Clemmons Public Library on Hwy. 158. The theme is Georgia O’Keeffe to go along with the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit now at Reynolda House in Winston-Salem. The cookbook is the Georgia O’Keeffe cookbook and is at the library’s front desk. Anyone interested in participating can stop by the front desk and choose a recipe from the cookbook to prepare and bring to the lunch. All the chosen recipes are emailed to attendees.

Carolyn says the only rule is “If you come to the lunch, you must bring a dish.” A small price to pay to enjoy an array of homemade dishes and the fun of meeting new friends who share a love of cooking new recipes.

The Clemmons Public Library is located at 3554 Clemmons Road. For more information, call 336-703-2920.

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