The Black & White Keys of Reggie Buie

By Ron Eldridge

Question…what does the Triad and the phenomenal pianist Ramsey Lewis have in common?

Answer…Reggie Buie!

Here is the skinny on the how they are related: For the past 25 years, Reggie has captivated audiences from the Triad and both Carolinas to Southeast Asia. Reggie hails from the great city of Chicago and as a child, Reggie experienced a life-changing event. He personally met Ramsey Lewis as he sat in on a few practice sessions with the Jazz group

“Red Holts Unlimited.” where Mr. Lewis was the premier pianist. Mr. Lewis transfixed young Reggie.

Reggie’s first freshman CD project, “The First Time,” made in 2006, is still a classic that one must have in one’s jazz collection The CD project had successful airplay and led to performances from the Triad to Philippines.

Ramsey Lewis has impressed Reggie to the degree that Reggie Buie’s latest single CD release was dedicated and named after Mr. Lewis. Listen carefully and one can hear the Ramsey Lewis influence as Reggie masterfully strokes his black and white ivory keys.

Reggie states, “Mr. Lewis, my tribute song to Ramsey Lewis, received recognition for Week 44 ending November 6, 2016 – the second time in 2016!”

I personally met Reggie Buie back in 1993 at the legendary Arthur Blues and Jazz Club. He was performing as a sideman with Janice Price & the group Priceless. I have had the pleasure to watch Reggie transform from a sideman to now the main man as the leader of the Reggie Buie Trio. Reggie is a very flexible and accomplished pianist. If you have been to the Barn Dinner Theater, you may have seen Reggie there, playing music from Elvis to country. His performances can cover Old School R&B to classical, traditional jazz to blues.

Today, Reggie and his Trio are most noted for his smooth jazz arranging and performance, invigorating enthusiasts with every show. The versatility of the Reggie Buie Trio will enhance any atmosphere, from a jazzy background flavor to get-up-on-the-dance-floor music.

Reggie Buie has found a local musical niche once a month at the Piedmont Musical Center in Winston Salem featuring some of the Triad’s A-list vocalists and musicians. Just log onto to check his performance calendar.

For my time and money, Reggie Buie and his Trio is a sure-fire, first-class, versatile, polished and ready-for-prime-time entertainment!

Ron Big “E” Eldridge is a Winston-Salem resident and freelance writer who frequently pens a Music Corner column about the local jazz and music scene.


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