a/perature: A Gem in Downtown Winston-Salem

By Judie Holcomb-Pack

When Lawren Desai thought about what made Winston-Salem “The City of Arts and Innovation,” she thought about the Arts District, the Sawtooth School for Visual Art, the UNSCA Stevens Center, and the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts, among other things. But something was missing – there was no art house cinema.

So she decided to start one! a/perture cinema was an idea born of a passion for independent and foreign films that would complement the other artistic opportunities of the City of the Arts. a/perture opened in 2010 and since then has offered exceptional films to people who enjoy a good movie in a small, intimate setting. Their three screening rooms offer more than 4,000 screenings and special events a year. a/perture’s membership program offers special benefits such as discount tickets, free admissions, and members-only receptions.

a/perture is a movie house and more! In April 2011, they live-streamed the wedding of Prince William and Kate, inviting movie-goers to dress up in their finest gowns and fancy hats, complete with a reception to celebrate the nuptials. With the ceremony beginning before dawn (local time), attendees lined the sidewalk and enjoyed being interviewed by reporters. How many people can say they attended a royal wedding … even if it was from afar?

a/perture also enjoyed rolling out the red carpet for attendees to watch live streaming of the Academy Awards. To add even more elegance, local chefs paired the Best Picture nominees with foods served at the event.

This summer a/perture has partnered with Coffee Park Arts in the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts for free family-friendly films with food trucks on site offering an array of food items. Upcoming films include “E.T.” on July 14, “Up” on July 19 and “Singing in the Rain” on August 16.

The environmental film “Tomorrow” will be screened on July 29 and local groups will have exhibits and information tables to give moviegoers an opportunity to learn more about protecting our environment.

a/perture is senior friendly! Seniors enjoy a discount ticket price and Tuesdays are discount days. There are matinees on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Early morning screenings are popular on weekends, beginning around 10-10:30 a.m. Closed captioning and assisted listening devises are available for the hearing impaired. Foreign films are always captioned and have become a favorite genre of seniors.

Parking is available on the street or in the nearby parking deck. There are several close-by on-street handicapped parking spots available; however, those with a handicapped tag can park in any on-street space for an unlimited time at no charge.

Recently, a/perture cinema became a nonprofit to better serve our community and to continue to offer a wide variety of independent, foreign, documentary, local and festival films to moviegoers who want a broader movie experience. They are now looking for volunteers to help greet guests, sell tickets and refreshments, and to help plan special events. As a nonprofit, a/perture cinema will continue its mission: to engage and entertain the community through the art of film by showcasing informative, educational, thought-provoking and inspiring films.

It’s time to put the spotlight on this gem in downtown Winston-Salem!

For more information, movie schedules, or to sign up to receive weekly emails, go to apertureCinema.com


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