Celine Languedoc’s “RENCONTRE”: Love, Hope & Peace!

I have a musical forecast to put everyone in the Triad community on alert!

I have the honor and pleasure to introduce a beautiful young singer, song writer and composer who, like a butterfly, is taking exodus from her musical cocoon and is beginning to spread her gospel, bluesy, jazzy, Afro Caribbean and soul melodic wings! Though her physical presence may not be local – yet – as a self-proclaimed soothsayer, I see a vision of Celine Languedoc that will soon register on top of the world‘s harmonious radar.

Celine is from Guadeloupe, a Creole Francophone island in the Caribbean, now a citizen of Paris. Her roots are reflected through her expression – lyrics, passion – through her music. Celine has a fervent affection for others throughout the world who need a voice to express their struggles and strife. Her message is all about hope, peace and love.

As a child, Celine listened to the traditional music called “GOW-KA,” which is music with a drum. It speaks of the West Indies culture. Celine stated, “I have listened to vocal stylists like Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRea, Dianne Reeves, Shirley Caesar, The Clark Sisters, and Vicky Winians” And she just discovered Sister Odetta Holmes.

To speculate on what the sounds would have broadcasted like at a Congo Square gathering, check out Celine’s new release, “Lamentation.” It will transport you to a forgotten musical time. Celine’s soon-to-be released CD, LANGUEDOC Céline, “RENCONTRE,” has a measure of her life rolled into one musical idiom.

Take it from a seasoned, long-standing radio personality as myself, Celine’s freshman CD project “RENCONTRE” is the connection between today’s modern gospel, blues, neo-soul-jazzy and Afro-Caribbean sounds and that of the West Indian musical traditions. What I enjoyed the most when previewing “RENCONTRE,” though I do not speak the language of French Creole, I felt every fiber of Celine’s melodic expression.

When I asked Celine where she sees herself on the world stage, she replied, “Music speaks to the heart. So this will bring me to meet my heart family no matter where on the globe I perform. My island inspired me, but also the United States, Europe and Africa through different rhythms. West Indies music is infinite and life is not enough.”

The old saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. Let me add that listening to Celine’s “RENCONTRE” CD project is an audio experience that will give one a glimpse into the West Indians historical musical tradition while relishing the fresh, new contemporary sound of today.

I sum up Celine Languedoc like this: Celine carries the spirit of Miriam Makeba and the soul of Nina Simone!

Keep track for the release of “RENCONTRE” and judge for yourself. Check it out at YouTube.com/watch?v=x_MQ1aWMoHg and CelineLanguedoc.com.


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