Tranquil Moments II Study Meets a Community of Support


Susan Meny, Vital Living Program Director at the Shepherd’s Center of Greater Winston-Salem, answered a request recently for collaboration in a study to look at older adults with anxiety. When called upon by Project Director, Gena Hargis, and a few of her colleagues to discuss the study, Susan was quick to offer her Senior Center without Walls for venues for the study, as well as to circulate information to older adults throughout Forsyth County about how to get involved.

Tranquil Moments II is, as it sounds, a second study. Its aim is to investigate anxiety in adults who are age 60 or over. The first study looked at weekly cognitive-behavioral therapy versus supportive therapy. This second study will look at the impact of “Yoga for Seniors” versus cognitive-behavioral therapy. It will follow 500 age 60+ adults over a ten-week period in either one of two paths: Yoga taught by a certified Yoga instructor recently trained in Relax into Yoga for Senior Adults, a program (and book) by Carol Crukoff of Duke University; or cognitive-behavioral therapy that includes a workbook and a phone call once per week from a trained professional.

The interesting part of Tranquil Moments II is that half of the 500 participants in the study will get to choose their modality: either Yoga for ten weeks or Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for ten weeks. The other half will be randomly assigned.

After research, conversation and investigation, it was determined that Goler Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church would be one of several and quite an ideal venue for the location of one of the Yoga classes of the Tranquil Moments II Study. Bright and airy, yet cozy and perfect for exercise, a likely room for the class was suggested by Christian Education Director, Vicki Miller. Reverend George Banks, Pastor of Goler Memorial, feels strongly that his church’s mission is to serve the entire community of God’s children, whether they attend his church or another one or none. Together, he and his supportive staff opened their hearts and their doors to the Shepherd’s Center Without Walls and the Tranquil Moments II Study.

While final details are still being worked out and plans and agreements for class dates, times and locations completed, the next step will be the recruitment of the 500 adults age 60 or greater needed for the study. Many of the aging services agencies and organizations in the county will be notified and announcements of the studies commencement will be circulated.

“Together we can” has been a great tag line from the past, but when minds and hearts forge paths of meaningful connections, together we can bears repeating. Together we can change the world, one study at a time.

If you would like to know how to become a participant for this study, please contact Gena Hargis, MPH, at 1-866-396-4771 (toll free). If you would like to learn more about Goler Memorial A.M.E. Zion, call 336-724-9489. If you would like to learn more about the Shepherd’s Center or the Vital Living Program, call 336-748-0217.


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