Congratulations to Literary Winners

For Seniors Only was proud to sponsor two literary competitions this spring – Piedmont Plus Senior Games Silver Arts, and the Second Spring Arts Festival. Below are the winners in each competition:

Piedmont Games Silver Arts


  • Gold – Judie Holcomb-Pack, “The Difference Between Coffee and Tea”
  • Silver – Bill Gramley, “I Hear You Knocking”
  • Bronze – Annette Collins, “Zombie’s Among Us”

Life Experiences

  • Gold – Lois Hicks, “You’re Never Too Old to Skydive”
  • Silver – Jane Pfefferkorn, “Winters of the Heart”
  • Bronze – Bettie Steelman, “’Neath Herons Wings”

My Favorite Memory

  • Gold – Bill Gramley – “Don’t Let Me Do That Again!”
  • Silver – William Pfefferkorn, “Our Final Exam:


  • Gold – Judie Holcomb-Pack, “The Love Affair”
  • Silver – Peter Venable – “Awakening”
  • Bronze – Annette Collins, “The Legacy”

Short Story

  • Gold – Howard Pearre, “Nothing Fancy”
  • Silver – Margaret Miller, “There and Back”
  • Bronze – Stephen Slechta, “Princess Winnie and the Growly Bear”

These pieces and more are available in the first ever Silver Arts Anthology by emailing Chuck Vestal at

Second Spring Arts Festival

  • Superior Literary Achievement
    Janet Joyner, “Fire and Ice”

Outstanding Verse

  • Gold – Phyllistine Poole, “Passing Through South Carolina”
  • Silver – Judie Holcomb-Pack, “The Love Affair”
  • Bronze – Bill Gramley, “This Morning”

Outstanding Essay

  • Gold – C. Kay Jones, “The Power of My Story”
  • Silver – Polly Craft, “Lessons Well Learned”
  • Bronze – Diane Chatham Calaway, “Finding Grandad”

Outstanding Narrative

  • Gold – Helen Walker Webb, “The Porch”
  • Silver – Janet Joyner, “Ultimate Unction at First Methodist”
  • Bronze – Bill Gramley, “The Woman Who Tried to Stop Time”

These pieces and more are available in the Second Spring Arts Anthology by going to or email Mike Simpson at

The talent of older adults in our community is amazing! We are proud to sponsor
these literary events and to publish the wonderful submissions of local writers in For Seniors Only


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