Poetry by Scott Hooper


Midnight Dance

We should
(for one night)
drink the champagne
and contemplate the moonlight.
Take in the sparkle
of small lights
and think about bubbles.
Dream away the world and its melancholy.
Find the secret
born in the heart of a flower.
Look for the stars that guards our hearts.
Look for love and forget the past.
Listen to the music; let it be our soul,
for life is too short and this will not last forever.

Dance away the night
in all our finery.
Bring on the diamonds,
bring on the gold,
or dance in nothing at all!
Music or no,
it makes no difference.
Just dance the midnight dance
for this day is too short
and this life will not last forever.

Where Do Our Souls Go?

Where do our souls go
When they lose their shell?

Do they flutter in the breeze,
Butterflies of fluff,
Light as air?

Do they return
Over and over to learn
That one great lesson,
To answer that one great question?

Are they visitors
Who sit behind the screen
Waiting to be served their tea,
Polite and civil as they view our world
Quite unseen?

Or are they
The smoke
Dancing slowly up to God?

Scott Hooper, a Winston-Salem artist, photographer and poet, is a member of Associated Artists of Winston-Salem. You can view his work on Facebook at Scott Hooper Artist, or visit Scotthooperartist.com.


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