Jazz Is…

Writer's Corner - Jazz Is...

By Pat Hall

Jazz Is
Everything that it ain’t
Jazz is something you want to
Just sit down and paint
It’s played in smoke filled rooms in that city of the Saints
And in places around the world that are quaint.
Tito Puente gave us plenty of great Latin jazz
And he served it up with pizazz
John Coltrane, “A Love Supreme” enhanced his fame.
Miles Davis, is it the “Sketches of Spain” that can save us?

In Paris and London, the money and crowds came in droves
But in your own country, you had to walk down dusty roads
Entering venues from the back to get on stage
Putting all those feelings into your music, a heart full of rage

Jazz is that steaming hot cup of peppermint tea
Jazz is my sexy man I can’t wait to see
It’s that strange fruit that doesn’t grow on a tree
Perhaps it’s that note that erased today’s stressful history

Jazz is Hugh Masekela singing about political injustice in the world today
The abstraction of diamonds from coal mines on the backs of Africans with no say
What about Harry Belafonte
He’s used his voice to portray,
Things wrong in the world today
He’s expressed his dismay

Jazz has many styles like traditional, vocal, and instrumental
There’s Main Stream, Brazilian, and Samba too
Jazz is Big Band, Dixie Land, Ragtime, Trios and Quartets
Just to name a few
Jazz is Vintage, its fusion,
It’s not an illusion or confusion
It’s percussion and much fussing
It’s abstract or is it coherent?
Sometimes the pattern isn’t very apparent

Jazz, the sound can bend
Cause your mind to mend
Worries you now suspend
As jazz soothes your day’s end

So I pick up a stack of vinyl
Now antique
Blow off the dust
And enjoy the mystique

Swing those Mallets Lionel
Dizzy, puff up your cheeks
Take us on a jazz excursion
With your unusual technique

Thank you Jazz, for continuing
To blow your horn
Cause I love this art form
That’s American Born.

Patricia Hall is an author, poet, contributing writer for “The Jazz in M.E.E” magazine, award-nominated Jazz radio show host, development associate for WSNC Radio, Wake Forest University staff member, and motivational speaker. Patricia is a board member of Winston -Salem Writers, volunteer for the Bookmarks Festival and Habitat for Humanity, is active in her church and is a brand partner for WIN Worldwide.


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