Turning 70 Threw Me for a Loop

Turning 70 Threw Me for a Loop

By Rosemary Freeman

I had not really thought about being a senior citizen until I turned 70 years old recently. Frankly, it really threw me for a loop for several days. I mourned really bad! No tears, just a strong sense of realizing that most of my life was now behind me.

Actually, I did some serious thinking. The typical questions in my mind were: Had I lived my life in such a way that my existence would make a difference in the lives of those I knew and loved? Had I utilized my life in such a way that all of my God-given talents were being used? What could I do that would be worthwhile with my remaining years? Brother, have I done some serious thinking!

There’s an old saying that there are two things no one can avoid: death and taxes. One can avoid taxes for a while, but no cheating death. What could I do that would be meaningful with my remaining years? Let me tell you…

  • First of all, really caring about those around me has become a priority. And saying frequently with meaning – “I love you.”
  • Secondly, I began taking on new projects. I have taken up guitar lessons – never played a guitar in my whole life, but why not?
  • Third, writing has become such an important issue with me. I am attempting topics I would have avoided in the past, such as putting in writing that I’m now 70 years old! Again,why not? It is quite okay to have an opinion and verbalize one’s thoughts at any age!
  • Last of all, I have made the decision that I would learn to dance. Seventy years of age and learning to dance? Why not?

Most importantly, it wasn’t a decision, but a wonderful experience that God graciously allowed in my life. I found, to my upmost surprise, that I could love again. Previous marriages brought love into my life, but I had somewhat given up on loving again. But then along came John and I learned to love him! My only regret is that I spent several months of our relationship denying my love for this very special person. This unique relationship did not end the way I wished, but I do not regret – for a moment – loving him. If God, in His infinite wisdom, grants me the pleasure of having this person back into my life, I will say quickly and unreservedly, “I love you!”

In my opinion, life is much too short (at any age) to deny love.

I do not have any answers for the readers of this lengthy missive. For myself, I have made a conscious decision: To love to the fullest, live to the fullest, and to continue to learn in any area that comes my way. Even guitar…

Helen Keller said, “To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.”

Rosemary Freeman is a widow who lives in High Point, a graduate of High Point College (now University), whose career was in the area of counseling and social work. She has one daughter and four “grand-dogs.”


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