Serving the Red Cross is a Rewarding Volunteer Experience


By Kathleen Tucker

The Red Cross has been a visible presence in my life since World War II. As a Girl Scout, I remember folding bandages and creasing them with a table knife for the wounded overseas. My Dad was a chaplain in the Air Force so I heard many stories of how the Red Cross, both in the states and abroad, stepped in to aid the families of casualties of the war. Later, as a disaster volunteer with my church, I saw the Red Cross in action in flood and hurricane ravaged areas.

I became a volunteer with the Red Cross as a tribute to my husband’s memory. He was a 20-gallon blood donor, and always enjoyed the friendly folks at the center. I had become a donor to continue his legacy, but due to an out-of-the-country trip, I was deferred for a year. Devastated, I looked for something else to do for the Red Cross. Meeting Peggy Roberts and Jackie Savage was truly a blessing to me.

Some interesting ways to recruit new donors were presented this summer, when I needed drivers to bring me to the center. I couldn’t drive due to a broken foot. Each driver donated blood while they waited for me to complete my shift. My grandson chalked up some junior volunteer hours as he came to help me several times.

I have been at the Blood Center since February 4, 2008, and plan to be here for a long time! I look forward to my weekly time at the canteen and cherish the friendships and the friendly and caring atmosphere.

Volunteering reaps many and often surprising benefits!



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  1. Great spotlight on volunteerings. Thanks!

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