Love is in the Air at the Shepherd’s Center



Triad Harmony Express Concert will Entertain with Heart-Warming Love Songs

By Susan Meny

February is a month known for lovers and for loving connections, but Valentine’s Day can be a sad and lonely time for many who are not connected to their loved ones and are in fact, lonely. Loneliness brings its own dangers. Studies have shown associations with higher blood pressure, with nursing home admissions, with risky health behaviors such as inactivity or smoking, and with dementia. 

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, followed 1,600 participants whose average age was 71. They found that those who reported loneliness were more likely to develop difficulties with activities of daily living. Even when the study controlled for socioeconomic status and health, the lonely had higher mortality. Nearly 23 percent died within six years, compared with 14 percent of those who weren’t lonely.

These statistics and similar research findings have driven the Shepherd’s Center’s Vital Living programs for years, and this Valentine’s Day is no exception. After all, what may be lonelier than a Valentine’s Day and no one to celebrate with?

We thought so too, so we’ve planned a party for your ears, your eyes and your taste buds! “Love is in the Air” promises to be a “fun-raiser” as well as a fundraiser for Triad Harmony Express: The Men’s Show Chorus of the Triad, its chapter quartets, and the newly formed, Shepherd’s Center Singers. (By the way, the Shepherd’s Center Singers can use more singers and there are no auditions required. Just come sing with us!)

The Shepherd’s Center Singers began just last November with Carmina Jenks directing. She “moonlights” as Music Director of Salem College’s Community Music Program. The Shepherd’s Center Singers were formed for the pure fun of it, and suddenly find they will be performing for their first public appearance with the very talented barbershop chorus and quartets on Saturday, Feb. 11, at the Shepherd’s Center, 1700 Ebert Street in Winston-Salem.

Please plan to attend one of the two shows: a matinee at 3 p.m. or an evening option at 6:30 p.m. Between performances, you are invited to stay for delicious pairings of sumptuous chocolates and gourmet coffees.

Tickets are just $15 and are on sale now and through to show time. Come by the Shepherd’s Center Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to purchase tickets. The seating is limited, so please get your tickets early to guarantee your seat. For more information on “Love Is In The Air” and other events and activities, call the Shepherd’s Center at 336-748-0217.

Susan B. Meny is the Vital Living Program Director of the Shepherd’s Center of Greater Winston-Salem.


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