A Cost-Savings Tip for Traveling Seniors


By David Rodwell

Want to cut some of your travel expenses by up to 75 percent?

If you are like me, as a senior you are always looking for a way to stretch your travel dollar to the maximum possible. Clearly, the travel industry is going after our business. We are bombarded by television ads for Trivago, Expedia, Kayak and Travelocity, just to name a few.

Frequently, the biggest expense involved with travel is lodging. Where you sleep can be very expensive. Many of us are unable to travel as we would like due to the high costs involved.

Here is a travel tip that could save you thousands of dollars on your lodging. I have been using this company for years and I think you might come to love it as much as
I do. I am talking about
AirBnB. We have all heard of
B & Bs, “Bed and Breakfasts.” These are lovely accommodations which are not quite like staying with friends and not quite like sleeping in a hotel.

The AirBnB concept combines the best of both these and adds a few special features to make it fabulous for folks like us looking to save money as we travel. Here’s how it works: AirBnB is a broker of lodging alternatives. Firstly, AirBnB does not own any of the lodging opportunities they offer. Individuals such as you and me can choose anything from a rental home or apartment all the way to a spare bedroom in a home. Here are a few of my personal experiences:

• While visiting Charleston, S.C., for Spoleto Festival USA, my wife and I stayed in a private home. The owner stayed in another home and rented their two bedrooms to visitors.

• On a trip to Italy, we stayed in two complete apartments in Florence and Rome.

• On a business trip to Atlanta, I stayed in a family’s spare bedroom.

• On an upcoming trip to a convention in Wisconsin, I will be staying with a family in a spare bedroom.

The AirBnB website gives us tools to select locations and amenities, as well as allowing us to specify if we want a house, apartment, shared home or even boats, RVs or other options. You can see extensive photos of the locations and read real reviews from real folks and see each and every amenity offered for each location. Best of all, the cost is a fraction of the cost of a hotel or B & B.

Since AirBnB is the broker between the property owners and us, our money never goes to the owner until we complete our stay, which gives us a high degree of protection. There are a number of other protections in place as well.

According to Wikipedia (my go-to source for unbiased information), AirBnB has over three million locations listed in 65,000 cities and 191 countries. Over 150 million users book through AirBnB.

So take a peek. AirBnB might be just the option for lodging you’re looking for. For more information, visit AirBNB.com. Enjoy your travels!

David Rodwell is a Winston-Salem author and photographer. He has written several “How-To” books which are available on Amazon.com and lectures throughout the country on his special photographic techniques.


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