An Argiento Christmas!


By Cindy Argiento

Santa fell down the stairs, Rudolph and the rest of the gang stumbled after him, and Frosty rolled down the steps! Don’t panic, I’m referring to our lawn ornaments emerging from the attic, which decorate our lawn for the holidays.

My daughter is beating up the cookie dough. Cookies will be baked and Santa will get to sample a few. Christmas cards will be mailed out. Lights will be strung and Christmas shows will be watched. But the one thing that signals the start of the Argiento holiday season is the trimming of the Christmas tree which, for better or for worse, we still choose to do as a family.

When my husband said, “Tell me where you want the Christmas tree this year,” I thought he was serious, so I told him. When he replied with, “Nope, won’t fit there,” I wondered why he bothered to ask. After much measuring and rearranging of furniture, we found the tree a home. Once the tree is assembled by its color-coded branches and the lights are all finally working, we gather round to trim it. Since the tree revolves, we can’t put ugly or broken ornaments in the back, so the whole tree has to look good.

The first year our youngest helped us decorate. She was young (a little over a year), and because of her age she was short. We decided she could best help out by hanging the balls. She was happy hanging ball after ball. Busy decorating the tree, we didn’t pay much attention to our daughter’s hanging of the balls. Until we were done, breathed a sigh of relief, and stepped back to view the finished tree. Every single ball we owned was hanging from the bottom two rows of the tree. Since we wanted our balls to mingle with other Christmas ornaments, we made some quick adjustments – we didn’t want any ball to feel like an outcast.

Even though the kids have grown older, the same thing happens year after year. Five – I like to think of as intelligent people – look at a big, bare, Christmas tree. All five people pick up an ornament. All five people walk toward the 7½ foot tree with hundreds of branches. All five people pick the same branch to decorate and then start arguing. Why we do this, I don’t know, but I do know it has become tradition. I could understand if we had a little Charlie Brown tree to decorate, but not with a 7½ foot tree!

Finally the last thing we hang on the tree is tinsel. Tinsel I find is very subjective. Some people hang it strand by strand, where it flows peacefully from one branch to the next. Other people take a handful, take aim and throw it on the tree, where it sits in ugly clumps. I have just one thing to say to you tinsel throwers: “What is the matter with you people?” It looks like a cat just coughed up a glittery fur ball.

Now with our tree up and decorated, we’re ready for Christmas! So, whether your balls are hung high or low, your tinsel is hung or flung, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

But right now there’s a strand of tinsel I have to straighten out.


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