The Olympics Come to Arbor Acres


By Judie Holcomb-Pack

When the Summer Olympics began in Rio, the staff at Arbor Acres decided to do more than watch the Olympics on television, they decided to hold their own competition! 

On Monday, August 15, there was a shout of “Let the games begin!” as CEO David Piner, along with other staff members, carried a torch across campus boosting energy and creating a sense of connectedness.  The overall goals of hosting this event were to build bridges between departments at Arbor Acres, foster relationships between residents and the staff, and to give the residents a good laugh!  Each department created its own country name (for example:  Nurserbia, Foodtopia, Jamaintenance), and each day for a week, staff members came together alongside residents to participate in the games. The games were crafted in a purposeful manner so that staff and residents could join together on teams.

The Opening Ceremony and Presentation of Flags were impressive, but the games themselves topped the imagination. Just a few of the games: Busy Dizzy Waiter, Movin’ on Up, Sliding Towers, Skittles Sort, Pantyhose Tug of War, Junk in the Trunk, Pantyhose Bowling, Stack Attack, Mad Dog, Paper Clip Race, Backflip Pencil Catch, Whisper Challenge, Pong Bounce and Mega Bubbles.

Each department sent three competitors daily.  Points were updated on scoreboards, building up to the final events and the much-anticipated Closing Ceremony on Friday.  Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners received framed certificates, and everyone enjoyed special Olympic cupcakes afterwards.

Arbor Acres is one of the premier retirement communities in Winston-Salem.  It has been known for many years for the creative events they host, such as the annual event held each fall to raise money for Meals-on-Wheels and the Restaurant Crawl to benefit Crisis Control Ministry.

Arbor Acres’ mission is: Through excellence, innovation, caring, and beauty, Arbor Acres cultivates community, comfort, and well-being for Senior Adults. For more information, visit the website at


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