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What can $10 buy you in today’s market? Well, a burger and fries for starters. Or, perhaps a nice tee shirt. Or, if you are savvy enough, it can buy you a pair of Ann Taylor pants, a matching Talbots belt, a cashmere scarf and a Banana Republic blouse.

Shopping online can be a great money-saving experience provided you take some precautions and do your research. Aside from being convenient, there are some real deals to be had if you take the time to search. Major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Google and others are offering free shipping and deep discounts to get you to buy online. On top of that, consider the time saving by ordering products and having them shipped right to your door.

When you’re a kid, you don’t want your brother or sister’s hand-me-downs. When you’re an adult, you go to consignment shops and garage sales to pay for a stranger’s hand-me-downs.